RAF Buddy provides practical everyday advice on road safety and will empower you with knowledge on all things related to the RAF (Road Accident Fund) should you or a loved one require assistance following an accident or simply just wanting to know more.

RAF Buddy is not the RAF, nor a representative of the RAF. The contents of this page do not constitute legal advice but is purely informative with the aim of preventing accidents and assisting the public with issues related to Buddy’s road safety initiative.

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What is RAF Buddy?

Buddy is passionate about promoting road safety as a core value. However, we have to deal with the reality that our country, South Africa, has one of the highest accident and subsequently injury statistics in the world.

If you only seek information or have been involved in an accident, you will need a Buddy to explain or provide assistance with your claim process against the Road Accident Fund (RAF)”. RAF Buddy is here to help any eligible person injured within the borders of South Africa through the process of submitting their claims to the Road Accident Fund, and to make it easy.

When you have had the unfortunate experience of being injured in a motor vehicle accident, RAF Buddy understands that you may have never had to deal with the Road Accident Fund. You may even feel intimidated or apprehensive when dealing with unfamiliar terminology.

RAF Buddy understands how greatly an accident can impact your life and those that depend on you. RAF Buddy, is here for you, will be your helping hand, will share the right information with you, and has your best interest at heart.

RAF Buddy, ACCISURE, and Arrive Alive Join Forces for Safer Roads in South Africa

In a groundbreaking move to address the rising concerns of road safety in South Africa, RAF Buddy, ACCISURE, and Arrive Alive have joined hands in a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to promote awareness, education, and proactive measures to reduce road accidents and enhance overall safety on South African roads. As key players in the realm of road safety, their combined efforts promise a significant impact on creating a safer environment for all road users.

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Buddy gets it and understands!

Buddy will be with you every step of the way as you navigate the way through your unique situation. RAF Buddy is your go-to for all the help you need on anything related to the Road Accident Fund. Whether it’s compiling information, investigating what you can claim and what you are entitled to or simply assisting you with the claim process, RAF Buddy will be there with you every step of the way, assisting you on your journey with the Road Accident Fund.

RAF Buddy Helps

Learn the safety rules of the road and how to cross roads responsibly.

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