Now you can meet RAF Buddy in-person

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen the video clips, read the articles, and enjoyed some of the useful tips shared by Buddy, and now you can meet RAF Buddy in-person.

That’s right, RAF Buddy – the endearing road safety champion, is now available to visit schools and other communities to share the news about staying safe and alive on South African Roads.

About RAF Buddy

RAF Buddy was first introduced to the South African public in 2021, on the website.

There are two main focuses of the site. First and foremost, RAF Buddy is here to ensure you know your rights and how to navigate the system should you or a loved one ever need to claim from the Road Accident Fund. Equally important is Buddy’s focus on preventing that need from occurring – in other words, Buddy wants to provide as much information as possible to ensure that you stay safe on our roads.

Buddy’s Philosophy

Buddy is convinced that accidents can be prevented by exercising a little bit of care and by applying the basic principles Buddy shares in his road safety tips.

Buddy firmly believes that good habits begin in early development and that education is key! Therefore, Buddy wants to help young South Africans understand the rules of the road to help keep them safe.

Having visited a few pilot schools in the country, Buddy has proven exceptionally popular, and the children rally around to meet and greet and to share in Buddy’s enthusiasm.

Invite Buddy to your school or community

Now you can invite Buddy to your school or community where he will do a 30-minute live presentation, interact with the audience, and provide materials to help get the message of safety across in a meaningful and practical way.

Buddy will equip the children with slogans to remember vital safety tips and ensure an inclusive, high-energy presentation.

In concluding the presentation, and to measure engagement, a fun evaluation involving all participants is carried out to ensure they understood and comprehended the content. Participants will be invited to share their experiences on social platforms.

Upcoming Buddy Initiatives

Buddy is also considering some new initiatives for school scholar patrols and other exciting competitions where you could win money for your school.  Keep up with Buddy’s adventures on the website and social platforms (and remember to like, follow and share).

Meet RAF Buddy
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Did you know?

Buddy’s RAF Buddy Cycling Team is setting the example on safer cycling and are competing in cycling events across the country – keep up with the team on social media:

You can also join the RAF Buddy Brand Ambassadors Club on Strava and ad your pledge to the cause and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Please note: RAF Buddy is not the Road Accident Fund, nor a representative of the RAF. The contents provided on Buddy’s website and social pages do not constitute legal advice but are purely informative with the aim of preventing accidents and assisting the public with issues related to Buddy’s road safety initiative.