RAF Buddy, ACCISURE, and Arrive Alive Join Forces for Safer Roads in South Africa

In a groundbreaking move to address the rising concerns of road safety in South Africa, RAF Buddy, ACCISURE, and Arrive Alive have joined hands in a strategic partnership.

This collaboration aims to promote awareness, education, and proactive measures to reduce road accidents and enhance overall safety on South African roads. As key players in the realm of road safety, their combined efforts promise a significant impact on creating a safer environment for all road users.

RAF Buddy's Commitment to Road Safety

RAF Buddy, a leading icon of road accident fund assistance, is at the forefront of supporting accident victims and their families and helping victims navigate the compensation system. Buddy is fully committed to road safety and this collaboration marks a crucial step towards proactive prevention measures.

ACCISURE's Expertise in Insurance and Risk Management

ACCISURE, a prominent player in the insurance industry, committed to addressing the immediate medical needs of businesses, employees, and individuals during crucial moments like workplace injuries or motor vehicle accidents. Like Buddy, ACCISURE believe that prevention is better than cure and therefore are dedicated to creating awareness around road safety. 

Arrive Alive's Advocacy and Educational Initiatives

Arrive Alive, a well-known road safety advocacy organisation, has been instrumental in raising awareness and promoting safe driving practices. Through their educational initiatives, they have successfully reached millions of South Africans. Joining forces with RAF Buddy and ACCISURE, Arrive Alive aims to amplify their impact and reach an even wider audience.

Strategic Initiatives for Road Safety

The partnership will focus on implementing strategic initiatives that address various aspects of road safety. This includes targeted awareness campaigns, educational programs for drivers and pedestrians, and the development of innovative tools and resources to promote safer road behaviour.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

RAF Buddy, ACCISURE, and Arrive Alive understand the importance of community engagement in fostering a culture of road safety. The collaboration will actively involve communities, local authorities, and stakeholders to ensure that the initiatives are tailored to the specific needs of different regions.

The collaboration between RAF Buddy, ACCISURE, and Arrive Alive is a powerful testament to their shared commitment to making South African roads safer for everyone. By leveraging their collective strengths, these organizations aim to reduce road accidents, save lives, and create a lasting impact on the road safety landscape. As they move forward, the partnership stands as a beacon of hope for a safer and more secure future on South Africa’s roads.