Buddy appreciates the fact that we need to create and develop a culture of road safety in our beautiful country to turn the tide on the unfortunate increase in serious and or fatal injuries.

By working together this can be achieved immediately, we don’t even have to give it a second thought – we are already winners.

Our pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable and fragile when it comes to using the road and special care needs to be taken by them and drivers alike.

By implementing small changes in the way we behave on the road, we as a nation can all do a lot to reduce the carnage on our roads.

Three seconds can make the difference between saving a life or a lifetime of agony and despair in having to deal with the trauma of being injured or having injured someone else or even worse having taken a life.

#3secondsforlife is a Buddy initiative to share simple and practical advice you can apply as a road user to protecting yourself and fellow road users to ensure a safer passage for all.

#3secondsforlife RAF Buddy

Buddy tip #1

By allowing 3 (three) seconds before overtaking a pedestrian or cyclist (in the face of an oncoming vehicle) you will ensure a safer passage for yourself without putting the life of the cyclist or pedestrian at risk.

Buddy tip #2

As a cyclist or pedestrian always stay as far left on the road as possible, especially with oncoming trucks as the backdraft created by the passing truck can easily unsettle you and cause you to fall or worse end up in front of an approaching vehicle.

Buddy tip #3

Always drive, cycle and even walk defensively – be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and be mindful of potential risks to yourself and fellow road users.

Buddy tip #4 

Be a gentleman and courteous towards other road users – by expressing a simple act of gratitude for a kind gesture (for instance a motorist creating more space for you to cycle on the edge of a road) we create an atmosphere of cohesion amongst all road users.

Buddy Tip #5

Be visible on the road – make sure you can be seen by wearing bright colours or driving with your headlights on.

Buddy Tip#6

Companionship when training is a tremendous comfort and motivation. When cycling more than one in a group enjoy your friends but not at the risk of others try and cycle single file when danger approaches and don’t put yourself nor the driver in harm’s way.

Buddy Tip#7

Putting on lycra does not make you “bulletproof”. You still need to be mindful of your position in the “pecking order” as a road user – Yes you do have rights but you also need to cycle, walk, run with self-preservation as your main objective and act accordingly.

Buddy Tip#8

Always aim to overtake a cyclist, pedestrian and/ or person jogging, safely by a allowing a reasonable gap (usually 1.5 meters) between your vehicle and the person you intend to overtake.

Buddy Tip#9

If no traffic is approaching from the opposite direction and only if safe to do so, take as wide a berth you can by even moving into the empty lane to allow for risk free overtaking.

Buddy Tip#10

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Buddy cares about you and wants to ensure that when minutes matter (in the case of an accident) you have your emergency contact Information available!

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Please note Buddy tips are to be applied at your own risk.