Passionate Cyclists Promoting Road Safety Awareness in South Africa

Get to know the passionate cyclists who make up Team RAF Buddy and discover what drives them to perform at their best.

Team RAF Buddy was created to promote road safety awareness in South Africa, where cycling can be particularly hazardous due to numerous road hazards. The team aims to show how cyclists can take steps to ensure their safety and encourage a safety-first culture among fellow road users.

In the video, Gert Nel, of Gert Nel Incorporated attorneys and a title sponsor of Team RAF Buddy, highlights the importance of RAF Buddy in providing information about the Road Accident Fund and helping people understand the claims process.

Chris van Rooyen, a cyclist on Team RAF Buddy, talks about the team’s outreach efforts at schools and their participation in Ride for Hope. He also emphasizes the importance of educating children as future road users.

Check out our video to see Team RAF Buddy in action, including appearances at schools, the team’s eye-catching cycling kit, and interviews with other team members, including cycling icon Kent Kirkwood.