It is a well-documented fact that South African Roads are some of the most dangerous in the world. We as a Nation of Concerned Citizens, will have to start playing our part in creating a safer road traffic environment for all by implementing basic principles on road safety and education.

We invite you to join RAF Buddy
and his community to join in the challenge to start making a difference and saving lives.

Buddy has come to realize that instead of sitting back and complaining and criticising, rather be pro-active do something positive to start making a change.

A small gesture of kindness can go a long way towards creating a happier and safer traffic environment for all.

Buddy is partnering with top brands and corporate institutions in an effort to build on existing momentum and goodwill that will easily create the traction required for an initiative of this nature.

Buddy is fast becoming the most loved and recognizable road safety champion and we would be privileged to include your brand / company in his repertoire of road safety campaign champions.

In order to create as much exposure for the initiative and the said brands RAF Buddy is utilizing various platforms:

We need your support to make the information and activity booklets available to every household in South Africa

Better awareness and education will one day render more responsible road users.

In closing, we all need to start sowing the seeds of information, compassion and goodwill, start making a difference, start saving lives – #itstartswithus ; 3seconds4life.

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